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Frame selection and lens choices can be overwhelming at first. However, our experienced opticians will help you select a frame that fits and looks great on you, as well as help you select the lens options that are best for you. Every person’s prescription and vision needs are different, and our opticians will consider these factors when helping you make your selections. Whether it’s your child’s first pair of glasses, your first pair of bifocals, progressive, or glasses after your cataract surgery, we are here to help.

Our hospital is equipped with a full optical shop carrying a wide variety of frames and Sunwear. We have a wide selection of different brands, We work with labs that produce excellent quality lenses, and carry a vast variety of different lens types and options. We carry non-prescription Sunwear, and our sunglasses can be ordered with a prescription as well.

We take the time to make sure that you have the glasses to fit your needs and work with high-quality labs to manufacture the lenses to your exact prescription.

In case of emergency call: 7306914246